Hudson Valley Council Community Band
Calendar of Events

Last Updated: February 3, 2019
All Dates and Events Subject to Change

Unless otherwise noted, all rehearsals will be held at the
East Fishkill Community Center, Route 82, Hopewell Jct.

January 2019

Jan 276:30-8:30Rehearsal

February 2019

Feb 3 No Rehearsal (Super Bowl Sunday)
Feb 106:30-8:30Rehearsal
Feb 176:30-8:30No Rehearsal - President's Weekend
Feb 246:30-8:30Rehearsal

March 2019

Mar 36:30-8:30Rehearsal
Mar 106:30-8:30Rehearsal
Mar 176:30-8:30Rehearsal
Mar 246:30-8:30Rehearsal
Mar 316:30-8:30Rehearsal

April 2019

Apr 76:30-8:30Rehearsal
Apr 14 No Rehearsal (Easter)
Apr 21 No Rehearsal (Easter)
Apr 286:30-8:30Rehearsal

May 2019

May 5Concert 2:30
Setup 2:00
No Rehearsal
Concert for Rail Road Depot Hopewell
May 12 No Rehearsal
Mother's Day
May 18Concert 11:00 AM
Setup 10:30 AM
Saturday Armed Force Day Concert
Revolutionary Burial Ground at Fishkill
May 196:30- 8:30Rehearsal
May 26Concert 1:30 PM
Setup 1:00 PM
Memorial Day Concert at Schlathauser Park
All Angels and Meyers Corners

June 2019

June 26:30-8:30Rehearsal
June 6Concert 6:30
Setup 6:00
Thursday D Day Concert
Freedom Park LaGrange
June 9Concert 1:30 PM
Setup at 1:00 PM
Flag Day at Elks Rt376
June 14Concert 7-9 PM
Setup 6:30 PM
East Fishkill Summer Series Concert
June 16 No Rehearsal (Father's Day)
June 23 No Rehearsal (Graduation Weekend)
June 306:30-8:30Rehearsal

July 2019

July 76:30-8:30Rehearsal
July 146:30-8:30Rehearsal
July 216:30-8:30Rehearsal
July 286:30-8:30Rehearsal

August 2019

Aug 46:30-8:30Rehearsal
Aug 116:30-8:30Rehearsal
Aug 186:30-8:30Rehearsal
Aug 256:30-8:30Rehearsal

September 2019

Sept 1 No Rehearsal
Sept 86:30-8:30Rehearsal
Sept 14ConcertEast Fishkill Community Day (Rain Date 9/15)
Sept 156:30-8:30Rehearsal (unless Community Day is rescheduled)
Sept 21ConcertFlag Retirement
East Fishkill Fire Headquarters
Sept 226:30-8:30Rehearsal
Sept 296:30-8:30Rehearsal

October 2019

Oct 66:30-8:30Rehearsal
Oct 13 No Rehearsal
Oct 206:30-8:30Rehearsal
Oct 276:30-8:30Rehearsal

November 2019

Nov 36:30-8:30Rehearsal
Nov 10 No Rehearsal
Nov 176:30-8:30Rehearsal
Nov 246:30-8:30Rehearsal

December 2019

Dec 16:30-8:30Rehearsal
Dec 8Concert at 6:30 PM
Setup at 6:00 PM
Family Concert and Dessert Party
Dec 15 No Rehearsal (Christmas Holidays)
Dec 22 No Rehearsal (Christmas Holidays)
Dec 29 No Rehearsal (Christmas Holidays)