Canada Revisited 2002!!! Quiz

Answer all the questions (you might want to write the letters down on a piece of paper), then follow the directions at the bottom of the page



1. The small beach ball was given what name by Frank?
   A.   Apples
   B.   Nuts
   C.   His Marbles, Skittles, His Eye.
   D.   Watermelon

2. Our Bus Driver Was?
   E.   Big Al
   F.   Jerry Garcia
   A.   Steve
   H.   Santa Claus

3.    Our Host in Canada was?
   I.     Drummond Hill Church ;Rev Phil Lob
   J.     Mt St Mary's Church; Father Moose
   N.    Drummond Hill Church ; Rev Hugh Jones

4. The Bands newest game is?
   L.     Egyptian Screw Frank
   A.     Bop It & Lights Out
   N.     UNO
   O.     Singing

5. What happened at the Skylon Tower?
   E.      Steve ate too Much
   H.      Brian Talked to much
   S.     The food was Bad
   D.   The was a blackout across the City

6. We played at what 2 venues? ( In Order)
   C.      Mall, Church, Home
   V.      On the Falls, Floral Clock
   G.      Church , McDonalds
   A.      Drummond Hill Church, Niagara Square

7. The Bands Favorite piece is?
    Y.     Instant Concert
    O.     Oh Canada
    R.      Bill Bailey
    L.      Washington Post March

8. Whose birthday was it?
   Q.    Steve - 21st
   E.     Drummond Hill Church- 200th
   W.    Rev. Jones- ??????
   R.     The Band-  15th

9. Our Waitress at "Oh Canada Eh!" was?
   F.    Ann
   V.    Heather
   T.    Bill
   G.    Frank

10. Dunkin Donuts is to Poughkeepsie AS _________ is to Niagara Falls, Canada?
   U.    Big Tom's
   I.     Tim Horton's
   B.    Dunkin Donuts
   A.    Burger King

11. Out of the following 4 band members, Who "Opened up" during the trip? (1 person)
   S.    Frank
   K.   Brian
   L.    Steve
   V.    Joanne

12. How fast does the Jet boats go during a trip?
   T.    20 mph
   K.   11 mph
   I.     65 mph
   L.    200km

13. Which 3 band members went into the 2nd Row of the Jet Boat?
   W.   Joanne, Caroline, Brian
   T.    Steve, Frank, Brian
   S.    Mrs. Richards, Chuck, Steve
   Q.   Laura, Steve, Frank

14. Who were the 3 main Camera people ?
   A.   Chuck, Steve, Frank
   E.   Chuck, Steve, Pat L
   X.   Brian, Steve, Frank
   Z.    Joanne, Amanda, Caroline

15. The Taboo about Steve was?
   C.    He's a great Guy
   D.    He went to the Casino
   H.    He's the "Leader of the Pack"
   Y.    Nobody Likes him

16. Who is Quoted as being a fighter? (Hint- She's a Blond at Heart)
   2.    Joanne
   4.    Caroline
   7.    Amanda
   1.    Greta

17. Who is the person made fun of because of their height?
   7.    Brian
   9.   Greta
   0.    Joanne
   4.    Steve

18. Who Slept more on the bus?
   0.    Steve
   2.    Joanne
   7.    Amanda
   4.    Laura S.

19. What was the Shower Schedule at the Church?
   1.    Guys-Night, Girls-Day
   5.    Co-Ed
   2.    Girls-Night, Guys-Morning
   9.    Girls from 11pm-1:30am, Guys from 6am to 7:30pm

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